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Why Love is Always the Answer

We all need Love and we all have Love to give. Love exists in many forms and is expressed in countless ways. It’s the fuel, sustenance and nourishment we need to thrive in this world.

Every act of kindness is love in action. As is each prayer, meditation, and positive thought you have. Feeling overwhelmed by all the problems in the world and wondering what you can do? Give a stranger a huge smile. Imagine how many strangers you can love in just one day with that incredible smile….Read more

“With our love we could save the world.”
~ George Harrison

Hope Photo of the Week

Hope Cafe

“Welcoming Spring With a Splash of Red”

Just had to stop the car today to take this pic. The front yard of this little home is filled with buds of spring growing wild. But it’s that red, that splash of red, that stopped me in my tracks. Photo by Donna Sales, taken in Kelowna, B.C.

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We searched our recipes for the perfect appetizer this holiday season. Everyone will love these incredible stuffed mushrooms!

Stuffed Mushrooms

Decaf Zone

Ahhh… time to relax and de-stress.  Unwind and chill out. A visit to the Decaf Zone will bring calm to your day and help you to feel centered and more at peace.
And here’s the pick of the day…

Decaf Zone

Caffeine Bar

Ready to get energized? At the Caffeine Bar you’ll find awesome ways to get a natural energy boost. Come visit to get recharged and invigorated!
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Caffeine Bar