2017 was a wild ride. A year of extremes. Extreme weather, fires, scandals, and ideological and political divides. A tumultuous year of unrest and worry. A year of outspokenness and unprecedented activism.

And it was a year of incredulity. A blustering bully epitomizing a disturbing number of “isms” (racism, sexism…..)  became president of the United States. Pigs actually flew and spewed hate laced tweets of propaganda from a darkened sky.

But 2017 is over. Let. It. Go. It’s time to dust off the Trumpwebs and carry on.

We lost our complacency in 2017 and found our voice. We were pushed far beyond our comfort zone into ominous terrain and reminded that we can’t take anything for granted, including the reassurances that should come from living in a democracy.

Good thing we’re tough. There’s a new wave coming and it’s mobilized by the exasperations of 2017. It’s a critical time and we get to live it and influence it.

How do we do this? We take those anxieties and frustrations and channel them into some kind of action. Any kind of action. Whether it is pen or picket signs, the spoken word or the stroke of a key, we don’t just lie down and take it. And no matter how nauseating and exhausting the theatrics become, we keep going. A bully will try to wear you down until you give up. So we can’t give up.

And we take care of ourselves and each other. Savour the simple things in life that ground us and bring us joy. We connect. Make time for quiet self-reflection, nature, and meaningful connections with others. We play and have fun. Link arms, open hearts and put our heads together. Say no to hate and yes to love.

Last year planted the seeds for peaceful rebellion and 2018 will sow those seeds. Whether it’s a whisper or a roar, let’s see what happens when we each unleash our inner rebel for the common good. These are exciting times and love will win.

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Donna Sales

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