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  • Spinach Phyllo Rolls

Oven Roasted Lemon Herb Potatoes

These little gems are a real crowd pleaser. I took them to our first annual block party last year and they were back by popular demand again this year. When enjoyed fresh from the oven, they're simply irresistible - slightly crisp on the outside and creamy and steaming hot on the inside. And lucky you because the cook always gets the first one! These potatoes not only make a great accompaniment to any meal but are also terrific served with brunch or as an appetizer. If you don't have baby potatoes, simply cut up big ones and follow the same recipe below. Soft (room temperature) butter for greasing the baking dish One bag of baby red potatoes, about 680 grams or 1.5 lbs ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup lemon juice 1½ tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 2 tsp dried oregano* 2 tsp dried rosemary* 6 garlic cloves (optional). * If you use fresh herbs instead of dried, use a lot more (at least three times as much) and add at the half way point, along with the garlic. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Generously butter your favourite baking dish. Mix together all ingredients, except for the garlic, and pour into baking dish. Be sure to scrape the bowl so none of the yumminess gets left behind. Loosely lay a piece of aluminum foil over top and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and add the garlic cloves if you are including them. Stir everything together very well, coating the potatoes thoroughly. Return to the oven for another 30 minutes, uncovered. Remove from the oven and turn over the potatoes again, mixing very well. Serve immediately if you can. *meat free *gluten free *dairy free Recipe by Donna Sales from the Hope Café Kitchen. 

  • The Path

I’m learning

I'm learning that the path to greatness is not an easy one. We struggle constantly with the ebb and flow of emotion and willpower, strength and weakness. But in the end it doesn't matter how we get to where we're going. What matters is that we tried. Nicole Cuillierrier of Victoria, B.C.  Photo taken in the Okanagan, B.C.

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  • Boots and Paws

Boots and paws

Hiking on the weekends is my time to decompress and restore. The stress and business of the workweek falls away and the beauty and simplicity of nature fills me up again. This hiking day at Sentinel Pass near Banff, AB was spectacular. I took this shot as I kicked back, enjoying the view of Larch Valley, and my friend's dog Gavin was taking it all in, too. It's times like these that make me feel so fortunate to have the Rocky Mountains in my backyard. In nature I can just be, no pressures or expectations, and these experiences replenish me right to my soul like nothing else can. Natasha

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  • Two Gentlemen of Barcelona

‘Gentle men’ of Barcelona

My daughter and I were visiting Barcelona last fall and on a walk back from Parc Guell I had to stop to take a photo of these two gentlemen. I first noticed them when we descended the stairs you see at the end of the street. The man on the left is taking the man on the right for a walk, the hospital is just around the corner so he is getting him some fresh air and exercise. There was something about his patience and attentiveness that really got me, a tenderness that touched me really deeply. I wonder if it stirs up something inside me with missing my mom who passed away a couple years ago and the fresh air and exercise I tried to get her, too, when she wasn't well. This is a powerful image for me that warms my heart. Donna Sales, Calgary, AB

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  • Butterfly of Hope

Hope Gives Me Strength

What is hope to me? If you had asked me a year and a half ago I wouldn’t have known how to respond exactly, but since then I have been through things I never thought I would go through in a million years. Now I have a better idea what hope means to me. […]

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  • Rose in Bloom

Breaking the Complaining Habit

Do you ever think about what comes out of your mouth and the impact it may have – primarily on yourself ?  I guess I did not when I was in one of my negative phases. I was with a friend on a short ski trip to Montana. On our drive back to Canada, we stopped in Coeur d’Alene.  My friend’s demeanor changed quite a bit and I couldn’t figure out what was going on with him but after the stop at Coeur d’Alene, he got pretty nasty and made some comment about me complaining. […]

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  • Here Comes the Sun

Changed, but not ruined…

“I had been an artist my whole life – spending much of my childhood imagining, drawing and creating art with whatever tools presented themselves to me. But art was not a viable career when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Especially not in my small rural town and especially not for a young woman. The only real choices in my world were to be a wife right out of high school, a teacher or a nurse. I chose nursing. […]

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  • Hope Grows Everywhere

Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

We were 28 years old – the age one thinks about getting married, travelling the world or advancing career, when our lives changed. Devon was a healthy, retired pro-athlete who purchased his first home the year prior. We had been dating a year and a half and talking about getting engaged. Life was wonderful and exactly where we both wanted to be […]

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  • Becky Livingston - The Writing's on the Sign

The Writing’s on the Wall: A story of grief, hope, and synchronicity

* The photo is the sign referred to in the story below. Submitted by the writer, Becky Livingston On a rare, sunny Vancouver morning I set off to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, a tranquil space housed in the city’s Chinatown. In the 30 years of living in this city, it was my first-ever visit. It was also fourteen months since my 23-year daughter had died. […]

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Hope’s ‘Attachments’

When we have struggles in life no matter how hard they are it’s up to us to decide how we will deal with them. We can choose to get wrapped up in them, let them consume our lives and destroy us, or we can choose to look for the good in them and enjoy the journey no matter how hard the journey is. Without hope this isn’t possible…hope, like life, is a gift. I considered myself a healthy person who enjoyed an active life, had a great job, was financially secure, had wonderful children and a husband who I had no idea how much he loved me (until faced with this challenge)… I was living the dream. […]

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