Welcome to the Caffeine Bar!


Ready to get energized? At the Caffeine Bar you’ll find strategies to help recharge and invigorate you! Incorporate these easy, practical ideas into your daily life for a natural energy boost. Today’s fix is…

Build A Snowman⛄️

And don’t hold back, people, be ALL IN. Take your time, choose your props, and enjoy every minute of enjoying the outdoors and creating something ‘really cool’. Take a pic of your masterpiece and send it in so we can post for the HopeCafé community to enjoy, too.

Previous Selections from the Caffeine Bar

…Visit the Farmer’s Market  The buzz of local farmers and vendors gathering to sell the fruits of their labour is pretty sweet. Hard working farmers toil the earth and have a deep appreciation for mother nature. Artisans use their hands, raw materials and imaginations to create something from nothing. Chatting with the vendors, enjoying coffee or lunch, and being part of the market crowd is a real treat you can’t get from any grocery store or big box shop.

…Be a ‘Hope Dealer’  In what you say and do intentionally convey hope with others in your daily interactions. The world needs as many ambassadors of hope as possible – be a hope dealer and notice the shift that not only happens within you but around you, too.

…Be A Hope Seeker  Dedicate any ordinary day to consciously seeing the world through a lens of hope. Notice what happens inside you and in your interactions with people and the world when you are a ‘hope seeker’.

Look for images of hope all around you. And don’t forget to take a pic and send it into Hope Cafe for our ‘hope photos from around the world’ gallery!

…Video – Shake Off Your Troubles With This Amazing Cover of a Taylor Swift Hit  Canadian band Walk Off the Earth stuns with this simple, catchy rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”. Click here to  Shake Off Your Troubles with this Amazing Cover of a Taylor Swift Hit

…Ride a Bike There’s nothing quite like a good bike ride! Fresh air, exercise, the potential to explore places and cover a lot of ground. Avid bike riders are some of the happiest, fit, and energized people out there!

…Photos of Hope This is a powerful one. For one full day be on the lookout for images of hope. When you open all your senses to hope and you will surely find it. Snap photos of hope as you go (and be sure to send at least one in for posting as photo of the week!).

…Visit Your Local Coffee Shop  A Hope Cafe favourite : ) Every coffee shop has a ‘buzz’ of it’s own, even without the caffeine. It’s the feel, the energy of the place that gives us a little perk me up.

…Tell Someone You Love Them  It doesn’t matter if they already know it, everyone loves to hear it anyway. It will make you both feel good. Tell someone you love them today!

…Have Some Honey  Sugar gives a quick jolt of energy but then there’s the crash afterwards and we may end up feeling even worse. Honey is a more complex sugar that processes in the body more slowly. Try adding a teaspoon to a cup of tea or spreading some on a piece of toast. p.s. the darker the honey is the better it is for you.

….Share a Quote  Share a quote with someone you care about that you feel they would appreciate/need to hear right now. Slip it to them on a piece of paper, email it, or text it!

….Drive-Through Santa  Next time you’re in a drive-through, pay for the order of the person in the vehicle behind you. Ask the cashier to tell them to have a nice day and that’s it – drive away and know you’ve brightened someone’s day. And it doesn’t stop there, either. Next time they’re in a drive through they just may pay it forward – just look what you’ve started!

….Be a Secret Snow Angel  Someone in the neighbourhood elderly, ill, or have a lot on their plate? Surprise them by shovelling their sidewalk, it’ll make you feel good, too – not only because of the good deed but the extra fresh air and exercise, too!

….Learn Something New  Interested in pottery? Photography? Scrapbooking? Pilates? Sign up today to learn something new –  it will help  help to keep you sharp, focused and stimulated!

…Dance!  Get your body moving and grooving to the music. You don’t need a nightclub or ballroom – blast the tunes at home and grab whoever’s around – even the dog will do!

…Eat a piece or two of dark chocolate  Dark chocolate has a stimulant effect and can boost your mood. It also triggers the production of endorphins, which makes you feel good!

…Volunteer  Sharing yourself and your time to make a difference – now that’s the ultimate charge! Volunteering not only helps others, it expands our awareness and builds community, too.

…Watch Kids Play Ball  Take a stroll through your community and find a kid’s baseball or soccer game to watch. Feel part of your community and enjoy the fresh air, fun and excitement.

…Meet a Neighbour  Make a point of introducing yourself to a neighbour you’ve never met. It’s a terrific way to  build community and connection.

…Take a Nap Twenty minutes is all you need. Set the timer on your cell phone, watch or microwave, close your eyes and drift away. It will recharge your mind and body.

…The Incredible Ear Rub  It’s not only for cats and dogs, people love ear rubs, too! Rubbing the ears stimulates an astounding number of nerves to the brain, feels fantastic, and can have an energizing effect. Using your thumb and index finger, massage your ears in small, circular motions, starting at the top of your ear and slowly working your way down to the lobes. An instant pick me up!

…  Laughter Yoga Video  Fun to watch! Comedian/actor John Cleese meets Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga, experiences Laughter Yoga, and visits a Laughter Yoga session in an Indian jail. Laughter Yoga

…  Clean out a drawer, closet, or night table  It may even take as long as you think it will…and boy, will it feel good!

…  Take Yourself on a Date  Pamper yourself at the spa. Treat yourself to lunch at your favourite cafe. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Go for a drive in the country. Take yourself out for ice cream. Nurture your relationship with you!

…  Take a Shower  There’s nothing quite like it to get revitalized. For added benefit, lather up with a citrus or mint scented body wash and scrub your entire body with a loofah sponge or exfoliating cloth. You’ll feel amazing!

…  Smile  The world needs your smile be sure to share it often.  Smiling is an instant stress releaser and mood changer for both yourself and the lucky person you smile at. It’s contagious, too!

…  Go Nuts  Nuts are loaded with protein and will not only curb your hunger between meals but boost your energy, too. Almonds in particular are loaded with nutritional value, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, folic acid and phosphorus, and are considered a superfood to many. To maximize nutritional value, choose raw nuts when possible. Keep a ‘nut stash’ in your glove compartment, desk, briefcase, backpack, for a quick, healthy pick me up!

…  DO Talk to Strangers  On the bus or train, in the lineup at the coffee shop, in the waiting room at the dentist’s office… acknowledging those around us makes us all feel more connected.

…  Call Up An Old Friend  Thinking about an old friend and wondering how they’re doing? Sounds like it’s time to pick up the phone and give them a call.  Emailing is okay, too, but a good old-fashioned phone call adds the personal touch.

…  Browse Through Photo Albums  Digging up those old photos can make for a good time. So many memories…so many goofy clothes and hairstyles that were so cool back then.

…  Load up on the H2O  Being dehydrated will only plummet your energy but could lead to muscle weakness, dizziness, or poor concentration. Sixty percent of our body weight is water and every system in our body needs it to function properly. Some ideas to help stay hydrated: drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning, keep a water bottle in the car and within arm’s reach at work, and enjoy an afternoon cup of herbal tea.

… Flash Mob Video  The Black Eyed Peas perform “I Gotta Feeling” with an enormous flash mob on the Oprah Show. Black Eyed Peas Perform I Gotta Feeling

…  Stand Up and Stretch  Stand up tall. Raise your arms out to your sides and sweep them up until they are reaching over your head to the sky. Stand on your tiptoes and gaze upward to your hands, being conscious of your breath and breathing fully in and out. Lower your heels to the ground, release your arms back to your sides. Repeat two more times. Notice how your energy shifts!

…Wear the Colour Red The vitality of the colour red will boost your energy and perk you up! It also communicates passion and confidence.

…Act Like a Kid

Build a snowman Draw, colour or paint. Hang out at the playground. Have some milk and cookies. Ask for what you want. Play Angry Birds.

Play. Express your creativity often and without inhibition. Be honest. Enjoy the little pleasures in life.

Kids can be excellent role models. Have fun acting like a kid!

…Have an orange Oranges are not only loaded with vitamin C which will help boost your immune system and absorb nutrients from other foods, they release natural sugars that give a quick energy boost. The fibers in oranges help the body to sustain that energy for a long period of time.

Eating a whole orange is optimal to get that energy boost, sniffing it will give that little extra kick. Drinking orange juice is great, too!

…Take a Walk Around the Block It’s as simple as that. Wear comfortable shoes, bundle up if you need to, and get some fresh air and a little exercise. The brisker the walk the better!

…Blast the Tunes Turn on and turn up the high-energy music! Crank up the radio when that feel good song comes on. Slip that CD in the car stereo that perks you up every time. Get those earphones on and get lost in in that great song you always love to hear. Better yet, play the music loud for others to enjoy, too. Even better, get up and bop around!

…Try Something New Change it up and try something new! A different drink at your favourite café. A new hairstyle. Indonesian food. An exercise class. For one week, try something new every day.