Kindness Corner

KINDNESS IS THE MOST VALUABLE GIFT WE ALL HAVE TO GIVE. Thank you Hope Café Community, you have now submitted over 45 awesome acts of kindness. Check them out below and keep them coming. Email your act of kindness to I was at Tim Horton’s and there were two little kids who were quite loud. All I could think was ‘oh that poor mother’. Then I realized it was excitement I was hearing because Mom finally let them out of their seats to do their good deeds. They ran around dropping off $2 Tim’s gift cards to customers. It was so sweet and certainly deserves a pay it forward which I intend to do! After spending hours in the hospital with my husband and filled with worry I went home to shower. On the way back to the hospital I went through the Starbucks drive thru and someone had paid for my coffee. I burst into tears. It was a small act but it meant so much to me. Yesterday I was in line at Safeway and noticed that an elderly woman two people in front of me was flustered and becoming increasingly upset as she tried to use her debit card to pay. The cashier was incredibly kind and patient with her, even coming over to stand beside the woman to guide her through the steps and reassure her along the way. This calmed the woman right down and allowed her to complete the transaction. When I got to the till I told the cashier how wonderful it was to witness such kindness in action.  She was so gracious - you could tell she's  just one of those people who naturally brightens people's day with her kind heart.    I ran into the grocery store to grab some milk. An elderly man beside me in the dairy aisle asked if I knew where the cream of wheat was. I was in a hurry but of course I had to help him! On the way to the cereal aisle I found out that his wife had a stroke and was now in a nursing home. She made him cream of wheat from scratch every morning. So I showed him both the traditional package and the new kind where you just add hot water - boy was he happy to learn about that! After working at Stampede set up for the day, I had to take the C-train home from the Stampede for the first time. I didn't really know where to go, so one of my co-workers walked me to my station and gave me her cellphone number in case I got lost. She was really kind to take time out of her schedule to help me! My neighbour has a small patch of grass and no lawn mower so whenever I cut our grass I cut his too. Dogs can be kind, too! My son was recently sick with strep throat and our dog would lay beside him with her chin on his lap. I swear it helped him feel better.  I lost my cell phone, which had run out of battery power. The lady who found it charged it and called a few contacts until she connected with someone (my sister). I had just bought it a few months earlier and was so relieved to get it back. A friend of mine carries $10 gift certificates for Tim Horton's in her purse and gives them to people who are homeless. My mom has Alzheimer's and lives in a wonderful residence. Not only are most of the staff what I call 'angels on earth' because of their kindness and dedication but there are also regular volunteers who provide the gift of music. They sing and play the piano or guitar and all residents, regardless of cultural background or stage of the disease, JUST LOVE IT. Every year for four years now, I help organize and run a  community garden in my neighbourhood. It was an awful day at work and I was feeling in over my head and basically incompetent. I called my boyfriend to talk and ended up crying on the phone. He showed in my office a little later with my favourite coffee drink, bouquet of daffodils, …  and a hug! I still felt incompetent but at least it helped me face the rest of the day.  I was carrying groceries from the store to my car last week when one of the bags broke and the groceries went falling and rolling to the ground. A teenaged boy appeared from nowhere (I guess he was walking behind me) and helped me pick them up and get them to my car.    I held the door open for a man the other day. He looked surprised but I know he liked it.  Last summer I was really lost trying to find the address for my friend's baby shower. I stopped in the neighbourhood to ask a man who was doing yard work if he could direct me. He said he knew where it was but it was kind of hard to find. "Follow me!" he said. He got into his car and he led me right there!   A friend in our neighborhood, who is a single parent undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer was lacking an appetite and the energy to prepare meals. I cooked extra portions of the meals and baking that I prepared for my family, freezing them in small portions. I then delivered these as a care package once a week for several weeks. I was having a really crummy day at work (project was not going well and management was not happy). A colleague showed up at my office door and asked if I wanted to talk about it. We went for coffee and it helped me to feel better because I was able to discriminate between what I was responsible for and wasn't and gave me some ideas about how to handle the situation. I [...]