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  • Here Comes the Sun

Changed, but not ruined…

“I had been an artist my whole life – spending much of my childhood imagining, drawing and creating art with whatever tools presented themselves to me. But art was not a viable career when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Especially not in my small rural town and especially not for a young woman. The only real choices in my world were to be a wife right out of high school, a teacher or a nurse. I chose nursing. […]

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  • Becky Livingston - The Writing's on the Sign

The Writing’s on the Wall: A story of grief, hope, and synchronicity

* The photo is the sign referred to in the story below. Submitted by the writer, Becky Livingston On a rare, sunny Vancouver morning I set off to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, a tranquil space housed in the city’s Chinatown. In the 30 years of living in this city, it was my first-ever visit. It was also fourteen months since my 23-year daughter had died. […]

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  • Lily in Water

The $50,000 Gift of Hope

The $50,000 Gift of Hope: Gratitude for the Opportunity Illness Can Bring by Althea  S.  Hawk One might ask, what could have possibly given me hope when, just before my forty-eighth birthday, I’d essentially been handed down a death sentence.  I’d developed some very serious health conditions and after over ten years of visits to health practitioners and spending over $50,000 on medical diagnostics and therapy, I’d finally hit the wall. It began with a spinal tumour, which was aggravated by structural and neurological abnormalities in my spine and neck.  I had all kinds of musculoskeletal problems as well as debilitating hip and pelvic dysfunction.   Then I was diagnosed with a cancerous jaw tumour caused by dangerously high levels of heavy metals and toxic substances in my body. […]

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