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  • 'Seek beauty and you will find it.' Taken by Donna Sales in Kelowna, B.C.

“Seek beauty and you will find It.”

After watching too much news it was time to turn off the TV and go out to find beauty in this world. It didn't take long and wasn't hard to do. At the end of our street someone had taken the time to write inspirational saying on each street corner in different coloured chalk. Not sure who did this but it sure brought smiles to a lot of faces. Next, we popped into the used bookstore to have a little visit with the owner and on the way there came across a couple sandwich boards with feel good quotes. Then it was time for an afternoon caffeine fix and two lovely ladies sitting outside at the cafe made a fuss over Holly and offered to watch her while I went in to get my coffee. All this in twenty minutes. When the world seems ugly we need to remind ourselves there is beauty all around us if that if we choose to find it we most certainly will. Donna Sales, Calgary, AB

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  • Daisy is a Rescue Dog (she rescued me) submitted by Ian Whitehead.

Daisy is a Rescue Dog (she rescued me)

Daisy is a rescue dog. Daisy is one of my best friends. I fell in love with her from the very first moment we met. She makes me laugh and she makes me cry. She listens to my troubles. she runs, plays and jumps with me. Her heart is pure and she has an old soul. Daisy is a rescue dog; she rescued me. Ian Whitehead Calgary, AB

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  • Laguna Sunset sent in by Katelyn South

Laguna Sunset

I love sunsets but don't often have the time to simply enjoy them. I took this photo on a recent trip to Laguna Beach, CA. Special moments like these are so easily missed because of the business consuming our lives. This photo reminds me to stop every now and then to appreciate the natural beauty in the world. Katelyn South, Calgary, AB

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  • The Path

I’m learning

I'm learning that the path to greatness is not an easy one. We struggle constantly with the ebb and flow of emotion and willpower, strength and weakness. But in the end it doesn't matter how we get to where we're going. What matters is that we tried. Nicole Cuillierrier of Victoria, B.C.  Photo taken in the Okanagan, B.C.

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  • Boots and Paws

Boots and paws

Hiking on the weekends is my time to decompress and restore. The stress and business of the workweek falls away and the beauty and simplicity of nature fills me up again. This hiking day at Sentinel Pass near Banff, AB was spectacular. I took this shot as I kicked back, enjoying the view of Larch Valley, and my friend's dog Gavin was taking it all in, too. It's times like these that make me feel so fortunate to have the Rocky Mountains in my backyard. In nature I can just be, no pressures or expectations, and these experiences replenish me right to my soul like nothing else can. Natasha

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  • Two Gentlemen of Barcelona

‘Gentle men’ of Barcelona

My daughter and I were visiting Barcelona last fall and on a walk back from Parc Guell I had to stop to take a photo of these two gentlemen. I first noticed them when we descended the stairs you see at the end of the street. The man on the left is taking the man on the right for a walk, the hospital is just around the corner so he is getting him some fresh air and exercise. There was something about his patience and attentiveness that really got me, a tenderness that touched me really deeply. I wonder if it stirs up something inside me with missing my mom who passed away a couple years ago and the fresh air and exercise I tried to get her, too, when she wasn't well. This is a powerful image for me that warms my heart. Donna Sales, Calgary, AB

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