How often have we said, “Enough is enough, when does it end?”, after more bad news from doctors.  Is Hope elusive? It can seem that way as the struggle for answers takes place yet Hope is just what we need.

For four years the fight goes on to find the end of the road for surgeries and pain. ‘Stage 4 cancer’, heartbreaking words that are heard by so many families like ours, we realize we are going through this together and that death could knock on the door at any time.  Negativity can easily set in, and may be more powerful than any pocketful of positive attitudes.

Finding Hope can take time but it helps to get us through. Inner strength and the perseverance of faith, prayers, and family support are also paramount in the healing process. Naturally, good doctors are a Godsend as well.

Thus said, we just learned that with the chemo treatments, the tumors have all decreased in size. It wasn’t luck. Time for a vacation!

Hope works.

Eli S