We all need Love and we all have Love to give. Love exists in many forms and is expressed in countless ways. It’s the fuel, sustenance and nourishment we need to thrive in this world.

Every act of kindness is love in action. As is each prayer, meditation, and positive thought you have. Feeling overwhelmed by all the problems in the world and wondering what you can do? Give a stranger a huge smile. Imagine how many strangers you can love in just one day with that incredible smile.

Then there’s romantic Love, of course, the kind that gets us into trouble but keeps us coming back for more. When it works it’s smashing, isn’t it?  What’s the cure for a broken heart? Love, of course, but maybe a different kind of Love this time around. The tender, loving kind of self Love that helps to mend aching hearts.

Sometimes it feels like life is constantly asking something of us and it’s overwhelming at times. Choices to make, dilemmas to figure out, decisions to face. When the question is “What do I do?” the answer is “Do the most loving thing.”

Most of us have experienced loneliness in life and know how hard this can be. The cure for loneliness is Love. Not only ‘relationship love’ either, for some of the loneliest people on earth are in relationships. Sometimes we don’t open ourselves up or reach out because we feel vulnerable and are trying to protect our hearts. Yet we ache for connection because people need people. We can form all kinds of connections with all kinds of people with all kinds of closeness and intimacy. Many of us thrive with other connections, too, including with nature, pets, and a higher power.

Sometimes in life we start to feel disheartened with all the struggles that come our way and hope starts to fade. If Hope starts to fade it’s time to surrender to Love. Literally imagine leaning into Love and it will carry you through.

Be open to Love and Love openly. The world needs your Love, never underestimate how much or how powerful that can be.

Donna Sales
Founder of Hope Cafe

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Donna Sales is a Registered Psychologist and writer living in Calgary, Canada. Her website is www.donnasales.ca. She is the founder of Hope Café.