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405, 2016

Hope’s ‘Attachments’

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When we have struggles in life no matter how hard they are it’s up to us to decide how we will deal with them. We can choose to get wrapped up in them, let them consume our lives and destroy us, or we can choose to look for the good in them and enjoy the journey no matter how hard the journey is. Without hope this isn’t possible…hope, like life, is a gift.

I considered myself a healthy person who enjoyed an active life, had a great job, was financially secure, had wonderful children and a husband who I had no idea how much he loved me (until faced with this challenge)… I was living the dream.


305, 2016

Simplicity – Focus on the Big Rocks

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In our world, simplicity does not mean uncomplicated, less or easy. We have chosen to break the consumerism cycle. Instead of “keeping up with the Jones’” we are maintaining and choosing to keep up with our own standards. We list our priorities; eliminate items and facets of our lives that do not fit our value set and evaluate excess things or distractions that keep us from achieving our goals. We inject into our lives in the spaces that remain what matters to us most.


105, 2016

Hope in Her Smile

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My best friend and the love of my life is sick. Really sick. He is waiting for a double lung transplant. I have watched Michael’s health decline for the past few years from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ). Slowly at first and then rapidly. It is tough. And sad. He used to be strong and take care of me. Now I take care of him. Sometimes I think that I struggle to breathe as much as he does. But my struggle is fueled by panic and fear….the fear of losing the man I love so dearly, the fear of losing my best friend.


1511, 2012
  • Lily in Water

The $50,000 Gift of Hope

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The $50,000 Gift of Hope: Gratitude for the Opportunity Illness Can Bring

by Althea  S.  Hawk

One might ask, what could have possibly given me hope when, just before my forty-eighth birthday, I’d essentially been handed down a death sentence.  I’d developed some very serious health conditions and after over ten years of visits to health practitioners and spending over $50,000 on medical diagnostics and therapy, I’d finally hit the wall. It began with a spinal tumour, which was aggravated by structural and neurological abnormalities in my spine and neck.  I had all kinds of musculoskeletal problems as well as debilitating hip and pelvic dysfunction.   Then I was diagnosed with a cancerous jaw tumour caused by dangerously high levels of heavy metals and toxic substances in my body.