Oh, SO good. These tasty mushrooms can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with a meal.


10 – 12  white mushrooms
¼ cup plain cream cheese, softened
¼ cup gouda or sharp cheddar cheese, grated
5 sundried tomatoes, finely chopped (if jarred, place on paper towel to drain and pat away oil)
2 Tbsp. chives or green onions, finely chopped
2 Tbsp. bread crumbs
½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper, or to taste

½ cup water (for bottom of baking dish)

1. Cut off stems from cleaned mushrooms and use a melon baller (if you have one) to scoop out the remaining stems to make a hole for the filling.
2. Finely chop stems.
3. Add chopped stems to all other ingredients and mix very well.
4. Scoop stuffing into mushroom caps.
5. Place mushrooms on cookie sheet or baking dish. Pour water onto sheet or dish so mushrooms don’t stick when baking.
6. Bake in 350 degree oven for 15 – 18 minutes.

Serve hot from the oven and enjoy!