Video: A Van That Delivers Human Kindness

Kindness in Motion. The delight of giving is at the heart of retirement for couple Peter Grazier and Nance Cheifetz. They sold their Lexus and converted a 1990 Volkswagon into a kindness van in the streets of San Francisco.

  • Two Gentlemen of Barcelona

‘Gentle men’ of Barcelona

My daughter and I were visiting Barcelona last fall and on a walk back from Parc Guell I had to stop to take a photo of these two gentlemen. I first noticed them when we descended the stairs you see at the end of the street. The man on the left is taking the man on the right for a walk, the hospital is just around the corner so he is getting him some fresh air and exercise. There was something about his patience and attentiveness that really got me, a tenderness that touched me really deeply. I wonder if it stirs up something inside me with missing my mom who passed away a couple years ago and the fresh air and exercise I tried to get her, too, when she wasn't well. This is a powerful image for me that warms my heart. Donna Sales, Calgary, AB

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