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7 Minute Podcast – A Story of Hope

Thanks to Heather for sending this in. Have something you'd like to share with the Hope Cafe Community? A video, podcast, story, photo… Email to donna@hopecafe.net On July 19 CBC Radio's Vinyl Cafe aired a show called Hello Monster. At the 11 minute mark begins a story that is definitely [...]

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Video – Instructions for a Bad Day

Yup, we all have bad days alright. And thanks to this beautiful video we now have instructions on how to get through them! This is a compilation of worldwide YouTube content, the crowd-sourced documentary "Life in a Day" by Kevin Macdonald, and local footage by Jon Goodgion. Audio is the [...]

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Video – Kindness Chain Reaction and Boomerang Effect

Brilliant! The ultimate 'pay it forward' video. Watch as small acts of kindness take on a domino effect, passing from one person to the next and eventually back to the person who started it all in the first place.

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Video – Friendship Has No Boundaries

An extraordinary reminder that there are no limits to love, caring and connection in this diverse world. And that we have a lot to learn from other animals.

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Video – Awesome People and Amazing Animals

INCREDIBLE. This just might make your day! Over 3.5 million views on YouTube, 3 minutes long.

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Video – Cat Stops Baby From Crying

Cat lover or not, this video brings home the heartwarming connection between the human and animal worlds.

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